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There will be a question tingling in your mind – Should I outsource SEO to India or get it done in my own location?

This is an obvious question if you have started with a new website or have jumped into competitive business lately.

Here are a few important reasons because of which you should outsource SEO to India.

  1. Cost: At times, this is the only reason because of which people prefer to outsource SEO to India. You save cost in a number of ways such as hiring staff, training them, management, overhead cost of recruitment and many more. You know this! So, let’s focus on other important points.

  2. Global Standards: You live in the U.S., you need someone who can understand the needs for the American audience. You live in the UK, you need someone who can understand the needs of the British audience. However, there is a possibility that you live in the U.S. but want to expand your business to the UK. In either case, Indians adopt the needs quickly and accordingly adjust to the audience targeted.

  3. Delivery Time: If you have adequate and accurate details, you can be assured that an Indian SEO firm will reduce delivery time efficiently. They can be efficient and help you in getting quick recognition for the targeted keywords. Note: You will notice this ONLY in case of established SEO firms in India.

  4. Work Ethics: You need an off on public holidays, so does everyone else. However, when you and your local SEO team are taking an off on the same day, don’t you think it will affect your results? Of course, it will. If you outsource SEO to India from the U.S., you can be sure that even on July 4 (Independence Day) people in India will be working on your website. Remember: Like every rose has a thorn, when people in India take an off, you need to look into details as your competitors, who have opted for local SEO partners will be working to steal your ranking.

Yes, if these points are not important for you, getting SEO work done locally should help.